Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hi pretties! 

I've had a blog makeover and switched some things up! This blog space will no longer be used. Head over to to see the new digs and keep up to date! 

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Striped Swing Dress

Lulus Stripe Swing Dress Fringe Purse

Lulus Stripe Swing Dress Fringe Purse

Lulus Stripe Swing Dress Fringe Purse

Lulus Stripe Swing Dress Fringe Purse

Lulus Stripe Swing Dress Fringe Purse

dress: Lulus* c/o (almost identicalsimilar long sleeved one for fall!) / sandals: Nordstrom / sunnies: Karen Walker / purse: Lulu Handbags, no longer available (similar here & here) c/o / druzy bracelets: Alexandra Gioia (my favorites for stacking!) c/o 

So after a brief blog hiatus last week, I'm back! As most of y'all know, I've been in India with Armaan for the past few weeks. We had such a great time visiting his family & friends and made a conscious effort to take some time away from our phones for this trip! The week of travel from India to the U.S. is always super stressful, especially since A and I had separate flights. After having a cancelled and then delayed flight, I had a full on Home Alone moment in Heathrow's terminal 5. My flight landed with 5 minutes to spare till my next one's boarding gate was closed, and I was that girl frantically running through security and across the airport with no shoes on to catch my flight. And I didn't even need to take my shoes off. My flight ended up being 3 hours delayed on the runway anyway because of "bin issues." Of course, right?! I envy you fabulous gals who make traveling look effortless. I looked like I could haunt a house when I landed in JFK.

Anyway, on to the outfit! Love. This. Swing. Dress. I'm a huge fan of easy summer dresses when you can't think of wearing something as restrictive as a romper, or as casual as shorts and a tank. Swing dresses are one of my long time favorites that basically act as a big neutral tee shirt and go with anything! I wore this last weekend for a long day out! It lasted a whole day of souvenir shopping in the sun and was even perfect to keep on for dinner. Since I'm not quite ready to put these bad boys away for fall yet, I ordered this long sleeve one in the olive color

Do any of y'all have embarrassing travel stories? I feel like I have about 40 more I could share, ha! 

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Bright Hues

Anthropologie J.Crew Late Summer Ikat Look

Anthropologie J.Crew Late Summer Ikat Look

Anthropologie J.Crew Late Summer Ikat Look

Anthropologie J.Crew Late Summer Ikat Look

Anthropologie J.Crew Late Summer Ikat Look
top: Anthropologie - 50% off & under $40! / shorts: J.Crew - on sale & extra 30% off with code GREATSALE / sandals: Nordstrom / druzy beaded bracelets: Alexandra Gioia c/o / sunnies: Shopbop / clutch: K.Slademade c/o / necklace: Taudrey c/o [10% off with code 'blondeexpeditions10']

Happy Friday loves!

Since August is quickly on it's way out (insert shocked emoji here), I'm trying to fit all of my favorite summer pieces in the last few weeks before sweater and riding boot season! Plus, I feel a little strange wearing shorts after Labor Day. Anyone find that too? I totally disregard the whole 'white after Labor Day' thing, but after that weekend something clicks and I don't reach for my shorts or sundresses at all. Armaan likes to joke that I'm "basically a heat stroke waiting to happen."

 I finally found my memory card for my camera buried in my suitcase and realized I hadn't posted this full look yet, and wanted to post it before everyone's minds were completely on fall looks! Since the last year I've been traveling back and forth between India, Florida and New York, I've lost all sense on what to bring where since I'm in so many climates! I love this top because it's appropriate for all the places I visit, and can be taken into fall! A and I are headed back to NJ on Monday and we couldn't be more excited to be in time just for the last bit of summer, NYFW and seeing our pup. I've just started using/understanding Snapchat (username: kaitlinkeegan), so I'll be updating that more as soon as I'm back in an American time zone!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend! XO!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weekly Edit

Autumn Picnic Weekly Edit
Image via Pinterest

1. The 70's trend is out in full force this season, and while I'm still a little hesitant over it (I don't want to look like I've walked out of Austin Powers) I'm loving the flared denim! I'm still in India, but I've ordered this pair and can't wait till I'm back in cooler temps to sport them for fall (whiiiiich will hopefully start Monday when I'm back in the states #wishfulthinking)! 

2.  PSL's are coming back soon, like soon as in September 4th. Which officially marks the end of summer, just like how the red Starbucks cups officially mark the beginning of the holiday season. Totally unashamed that my seasons are dictated by coffee chains seasonal flavors and cup colors. 
While it isn't the first thing I go to order at Starbucks, I'm pretty excited to hear that gross caramel 'coloring' (vaguest ingredient ever) is being taken out and replaced with actual pumpkin puree

3. I have found the epitome of the perfect v-neck. Soft, not baggy and seriously flattering.  I've been wearing this tee nonstop lately, and it's under $50! I've gone through so many 'cheapy' tees, that I don't mind investing in a few good ones for every season. Also, they are perfect for layering in cooler months, and don't bunch up under tight sweaters! 

4. Anyone else an oatmeal lover? A few years ago I got back into it with the packaged Quakers stuff because I was looking for something that kept me fuller, longer, through class and work. I just discovered that their is more than just packaged oatmeal and having been on a pinning frenzy. This one has banana, cinnamon and vanilla in it and sounds like the perfect fall breakfast! Plus, it has chia seeds in it so it's basically like drinking a green juice...or something like that. 

5. Back to school is right around the corner! This time of year always makes me miss college and getting all my supplies and bag together for the school year! Since I'm everrrr so slightly Type-A, I'm a huge planner + list maker. This planner is one of my favorites to keep me organized, not to mention it's gorgeous. I'd also be rocking this adorable braider & tasseled faux leather backpack to carry all my books (but mostly snacks). 

Thanks so much for reading y'all! 

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